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Trade-In Your Network Equipment

Are you on a tight budget? Donít forget, your hardware equipment has value. Trade it in and enjoy the benefits of lowering your overhead and clearing out equipment that is no longer needed! Trading in your equipment is the smart way to go. Think of it as trading in a used vehicleóand kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Recycling is the smart thing to do if you are interested in preserving our environment. When it comes to used network equipment, it is best to keep in mind that each piece of equipment has a life-cycle of its own. Even if you no longer want to use it, someone else would love to have it.

Please give one of our sales representatives a call at 1-800-908-9665 (Toll-free) or 1-916-415-9900 (International) and let one of them help you out. Remember, by trading-in your used equipment, you will experience complete customer satisfaction.

Asset Recovery System

Even though we specialize in selling used Marconi Fore computer appliances, we accept trade-ins from a variety of company name brands. Not only can you trade-in other name brands of used network equipment, but you can trade-in equipment that is non-operational. Our in-house technicians know how to make equipment assessments and repair network appliances. See you simple this is?
By letting our Asset Recovery Experts help you, you can not only benefit financially, but you are benefit the environment. To help us out with the process, if possible, send us a picture with a brief description. If you are not sure what you have, we can try to help you out.

Remarketing Your Used Network Equipment

Here is another possibility: Let us remarket your used network equipment on consignment! Once it sells, you will know exactly where you are financially. Again, give one of our sales representatives a call at 1-800-908-9665 (Toll-free) or 1-916-415-9900 (International) and let us help you get the ball rolling! 

It doesnít matter whether you want to trade-in, sell, or put your network equipment on consignment, we can lend a helping hand. This is one area that you donít want to procrastinate in. Technology changes rapidly, and the sooner you make a move, the better it will be for you financially.

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