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ASX-1200 Used Ericsson Marconi Fore Chassis

Part # ASX-1200 IN STOCK!!!

Product Description: Designed for growth, the ASX-1000 and ASX-1200 are world-class ATM backbone switches that support in-service expansion of port and switching capacity. The ASX family switch architecture is based on Marconi's award-winning, output-buffered, distributed shared memory switching technology. This design enables these switches to support the performance and throughput demands of the most demanding networking environments.

The ASX-1000 and ASX-1200 are intelligently partitioned which means virtually all components - power supplies, network modules, fan trays, switch control processors (SCPs) and switch fabrics - can be removed and inserted, or "hot-swapped, " while the unit is in operation. This minimizes downtime during switch maintenance and network expansions, and allows users to upgrade individual "like" components as opposed to the whole system. The ASX-1000 and ASX-1200, through their unique distributed switching fabric architecture, offer additional redundancy. Each 2.5 Gbps switching fabric houses a separate SCP. In the event of a SCP or switch fabric failure, the remainder of the switch is unaffected, and continues to operate. Redundant SCPs can be configured on each switch fabric. IN STOCK!!!

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