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Quality Control Assurance
Pre-Owned, Used, & Refurbished Network Equipment - Fully-tested with Diagnostics

We sell only quality used, pre-owned, and refurbished network equipment. We take pride in our network gear and services we provide for you. Your repeat business is important to us and as you can see from our 25-point testing process, our Quality Control Department goes through in-depth testing to make sure that you receive great working equipment:


Upon receipt of all used network equipment, an overall physical inspection is given to ensure no damage occurred during shipment.

Empty chassis are populated to capacity with known functional blades to ensure all slots, power receptacles, and connectors are functional.

Match all internal and external serial numbers. (Any units found deficient are returned to the seller).

Make sure that all manufacturer markings and labels are intact. (Any units found deficient are returned to the seller).

All units that do not have their tamper stickers intact, or are broken, will be opened and heavily scrutinized.

To check thermo problems, all equipment is allowed to warm up to normal operating temperature before any further diagnostics are performed.

Inspection for missing screws or mounting brackets - and if needed, we fix or replace them.

All hot swappable cards, power supplies, and modules are tested to ensure they do not leave you with down time in the event you ever need to change a faulty component.

All equipment is powered and run at all input voltage capabilities.

Internal diagnostics they are performed and the results are recorded and a copy is included with the unit.

All switches have every port individually tested.

All redundant systems are put through fail over tests to verify reliability.

All equipment is configured and tested under real conditions to insure proper operation. This includes all layer 2, 3, and 4 protocols that the unit is designed to support.

Upon completion of test, equipment is thoroughly cleaned and packaged for stock.

One-Year Warranty
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Quality Control Assurance