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AVA-300 Used Ericsson Marconi Fore Module

Part # AVA-300 IN STOCK!!!

Product Description: Audio Video Transceiver.




Key Features:

Point-to-multipoint video services; support for switched virtual circuits (SVCs) or permanent virtual circuits (PVCs); video channel, uncompressed or motion JPEG compressed signal; use of standard TV monitor or VCR for display or recording; full NTSC or PAL support; support for ATM-attached UNIX-based servers and workstations; modular design for maximum flexibility; infrared remote control capabilities on call setup; variable Q-factor for dynamic video image resolution and maximum frame “goodput”; TV-like ease of use; remote camera control through the ATM network; UNI 3.0/3.1; QoS Support-UBR or CBR; and Netscape or Internet Explorer plug-in for video display within browser.

One-Year Warranty
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