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Used Marconi Superstore At Incredible Savings

Used Marconi Superstore At Great Savings

We're the #1 Source for quality Used Marconi Fore Ericsson Network Equipment (Switches, Modules, Supplies, Parts, and Upgrades - as well as NEW Ericsson Marconi). We are The Used Marconi Superstore, and have been selling used marconi worldwide for over 13 years. Used Marconi Fore continues to provide quality Marconi and Ericsson at amazing savings. We operate and ship to over 207 countries globally. Here are just a few of the many benefits of shopping with us:

• Used Marconi At 60-95% Off List Prices.
• Free Lifetime Warranty.
• Net 30 Terms Available - Pay In 30 Days.
• We buy, sell, and trade Marconi to 207 countries.
• We deal with integrity and honesty every time.
• We care about our customers. Overnight Shipping Available.
• We develop great business relationships over the years.
• We offer one of the world’s largest product selections of used Marconi networks.

Used Marconi Superstore specializes in buying, trading, and selling used Marconi network equipment, preowned Marconi network equipment, and second-hand Marconi network hardware. As a pre-owned Marconi reseller, we provide fast delivery for used and refurbished WAN (Wide Area Network) products to countries and businesses across the globe. We have one of the world’s largest Marconi part selections.

In 2013, Marconi switches and modules (including the Marconi HE155, Marconi NM-8/E1D, have been alive and well - with Marconi products still being purchased regularly, and Ericsson expanding upon the Marconi ATM switch product line. So, we expect customers to buy even more Marconi ATM switches and products in the years to come.

Used Marconi Switches

We offer 60-95% OFF LIST PRICE on all used Marconi Ericsson Fore switches and network equipment. We BUY, SELL, and TRADE Marconi Fore switches and network equipment. We sell to all branches of the United States military including: United States Department of Defense, United States Navy, United States Army, United States Marine Corps, and the United States Coast Guard - as well as USA Defense Department contractors.

Used Marconi - Helping Our Military For Over 10 Years

USED MARCONI NEWS: Ericsson Acquired Marconi in 2006

In 2005, Ericsson acquired key assets of Marconi's telecommunications and networking business. Ericsson is a great leader in the development of mobile broadband applications and wireline technology. Marconi, another great leader in optical systems and ATM switching, joins forces with Ericsson's strong microwave radio position. As of Ericsson's 2005 press release, Ericsson acquired 75% of Marconi's assets (as follows): Marconi's optical networking business, Marconi's broadband and fixed radio access network business, Marconi's softswitch business, Marconi's data networking equipment and services businesses, Marconi's relevant telecommunications services activities, and Marconi's trademark, associated brand names and IPR. Both Ericsson and Marconi are pioneer telecom companies and had a successful 10 year partnership prior to the 2006 acquisition. This was a good acquisition by Ericsson, and sales have continued very steady for Marconi products. Used Marconi Fore sells all of the Marconi and Fore product lines - perfect for that module you need to replace.

Used Marconi Network Equipment

What exactly is Ericsson Marconi Fore network equipment? "Network equipment covers the design and supply of communications systems that transmit and switch voice, data and video traffic, including Optical Networking, Broadband Access, Data Networks, Microwave Radio and Next Generation Switching" (Ericsson Press Release March 2005). We provide the rare Marconi SCP-P5-400, Marconi ASX-4000, Marconi FAB-B cards, Marconi SM-1200-B as well as the Marconi SCP-P5-700 (700 Mhz) switch control processor, Marconi NM-1/2488SMSR, and the popular Marconi NM-4/ETH-TXB module. Also, we sell hard-to-find Marconi networking products.

Used Marconi Telecom - Saving You Time and Money

The History of Marconi, FORE, and Ericsson:

At FORE's peak in the late 1990s, they employed 2,000 people at the Silicon Valley-inspired Marshall Township campus. FORE was acquired by General Electric Corporation in April 1999 for $4.5 billion and renamed Marconi.

Marconi Communications was an owned subsidiary of General Electric Corp. (GEC), a world leader in smart broadband optical networks, access equipment, ATM switching technology for the Internet and web network integration. With Marconi owned by General Electric, Marconi was able to develop the ultimate ATM Switch, as well as a host of switch cards including the Marconi PC-8-622MM2, Marconi PC-28/155MM2, Marconi PC-8/622SMLR2, Marconi PC-20/622X-155SMIR1, Marconi PC-20/622X155M1, and the Marconi HE155UTP.

GEC's acquisition of US-based FORE Systems positioned the company to be a leading player in the public network and enterprise markets in addition to its established market leadership in the carrier and operators sphere. It has sales to more than 207 countries, a major presence in Europe, the U.S.A., Africa and the Asia-Pacific Region.

We specialize in Used Marconi, but for the best in Used Cisco, visit our parent company, Genesis Global. Also, check our full line of Pre-Owned Marconi.

Marconi Ericsson Fore Information Data Sheets:

Marconi ASX-200BX Data Sheet
Marconi ASX-1000 Data Sheet
Marconi ASX-1200 Data Sheet
Marconi BXR-48000 Data Sheet
Marconi OMS 1600 Data Sheet
Marconi TNX-210 Data Sheet
Marconi TNX-1100 Data Sheet
Marconi ASX TNX Channelized Modules Data Sheet
Marconi ASX-200BX User Manual
Marconi ASX Installation Maintenance Manual
Marconi ASX TNS Channelized OC-3c STM-1 CEM Network Module Data Sheet
Marconi AVA-300 Data Sheet
Marconi BXR-48000 Data Sheet
Marconi Ericsson Network Interfaces
Marconi Gigabit Ethernet Network Module Data Sheet
Marconi Network Modules Data Sheet
Marconi OMS 1600 Data Sheet
Marconi Product Price List

Marconi Multiservice Broadband Switch Control Processors (SCPs) Data Sheet
Marconi StreamRunner ATA / AVA Data Sheet
Marconi TNX / ASX Data Sheet

The Used Marconi Networking Equipment Upshot:

FORE Systems was acquired by Marconi in 1999, and Marconi was acquired by Ericsson in 2006. This means that will be able to offer you, our customer, even greater discounts with the same friendly, outstanding customer service on Marconi FORE parts such as the Marconi SM-1200-B, the Marconi ASX-4000AC, and the Marconi SCP-4000-P3-512-DSI switch control processor. Call or email us today for more specific information on any of these Marconi networking products. Also, if you can't find what you are looking for check our Marconi Part List located above - the prices are list prices, but the part numbers are all Ericsson Fore Marconi equipment.

We welcome all purchase orders for Ericsson Marconi FORE from all United States government departments, DoD (Department of Defense), government agencies, and government contractors. Some of the most popular Marconi parts that we sell are: the Marconi SCP-P5-400 (400 Mhz Switch Control Processor), the Marconi ASX-4000, the Marconi TNX-210, the Marconi TNX-1100, and the Marconi SM-4000 module. Call or email us today for additional information.

Featured Marconi Network Product

Used Marconi Fore ASX-200BX ATM Switch:

Marconi ASX-200BX ATM Switch

The Marconi ASX-200BX ATM Switch is just over 4 inches high, a used Marconi ASX200BX (ASX-200BX) backbone switch features a 2.5 Gbps switching fabric in a modular chassis that supports up to 32 ports. The Marconi ASX-200BX is compatible with the most extensive line of ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) interfaces in the industry, including T1/E1 interfaces and OC-12c/STM-4 interfaces. In addition, the Ericsson Marconi ASX-200BX supports Frame Relay, Circuit Emulation (CEM), 10/100 Fast Ethernet and 1000 Gigabit Ethernet, as well as Inverse Multiplexing for ATM (IMA).

We also have in stock, the rare, hard-to-find Marconi NM-4/155SMIRE network card. Call for details.

Used Marconi also sells refurbished marconi, pre-owned marconi, used fore, refurbished fore, pre-owned fore, used ericcson, refurbished ericcson and also pre-owned ericcson network equipment. Consequently, we sell and pre-configure all types of Marconi network equipment. We are your number one source for all your Marconi and Ericsson network needs.

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